We design and deliver the latest livestock housing & equipment to the farming industry.

Flexible, efficient and focussed – our design and installation services ensure long term livestock housing solutions which guarantee profitable investments for years to come!

Established in 1995

We design and deliver the latest livestock housing & equipment to the farming industry. 

Flexible, efficient and focussed – our design and installation services ensure long term livestock housing solutions which guarantee profitable investments for years to come!

The David R Beech Promise

Our attention to detail and long experience in the industry ensures we have an intimate understanding of your needs.

We listen to your plans and ideas and design your project according to your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on our experience and personal service to deliver you fast and effective solutions at optimum cost, with experts on hand to ensure right first time delivery, every time.

From cubicle design, matting and ventilation to feed front systems, flooring and drinking solutions, we have hands on experience to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and to your absolute satisfaction.

We are also acutely aware that the farming industry is always changing – what you need today will need to adapt to your future requirements too. We therefore design your projects with that in mind – building in flexibility, portability and long term performance wherever possible. And of course, we always aim to provide you with first class service to help you to maximise the benefits of your investment over the short and long term.


At David R Beech we pride ourselves on a deep personal understanding of the needs of the dairy and beef farming industry – from cubicles, mattresses/waterbeds, rubber flooring to gale breaker weather protection products and ventilation – established in 1995 we are a leading nationwide livestock housing specialist.

Our services include:

Minor Repair Works


Project Management


Refurbishment Services


Technical Support



David R Beech are experienced designers and ensure that your project is fit for today and the future. We design in CAD to get a solution that is bespoke to you.


Expert support and advice is on hand for every installation big or small. We listen to our customers needs and ensure first class service at all times. We also offer a self fit service.


Being on time and on budget is the key to success – the David R Beech team focus on fast and efficient building with the minimum of disruption to your farm.

Expert Advice

We are on hand to support you whatever the time of day and long into the future when it comes to your maintenance requirements.

Our Products

David R Beech – News

Spinder 2 Passage Rope Scraper

Completed today: Supply and fit Spinder 2 passage rope scraper for valued customer near Nantwich.This is the second system they have purchased from us - the first system being fitted some 6 years ago now.

Hydor Ventilation Sock System

Tricky one this - objective: to help aid fresh air flow to old brick barn housing baby calves.Conclusion:Supply and modify and fit Hydor ventilation sock system. James and Marcus soon sorted technical issues and overcame as usual.

Galebreaker Rollerdoors

Completed today for customer in Cheshire :Supply and installation of 4 x 6m x 4m Galebreaker Rollerdoors.Maximum ventilation and lighting whilst offering full protection from wind and rain.

Control Panel for 9 x Hydor Belt Drive Fans

Back to Cambridge to set up control panel for 9 x Hydor belt drive fans.Fans offering incredible cooling comfort for the moo’s during recent period of humidity https://youtu.be/tX_zfoeYknU

Super article in this month’s cow management magazine

Super article in this month’s cow management magazine featuring good cubicle design - note main photo of our “cosmos” cubicle which also happens to be our best seller.

Stainless Water Trough and Repairs

Up to Yorkshire today with James to carry out a few repairs and fit a 3m stainless water trough.Lovely family farm and always have a giggle catching up putting the world to rights...

Five bay extension in Occlestone Green

Completed today, nice 5 bay extension to provide additional 82 cosmos cubicles and meadow mattresses + 3 stainless water troughs...

Installation of 270 Cosmos Cubicles

Completed today for customer in Staffordshire.Supply installation of 270 cosmos cubicles and latex mattresses plus 8 x stainless 3m water troughs.Shed and groundwork’s by Richard Harper. https://youtu.be/HOPNct202_8

Spinder self locking yokes

Today’s job for valued customer near Middlewich - supply and fit Spinder self locking yokes to AI/veterinary area.

Fully Automated mid mount Galebreaker VVS system

Completed yesterday - fully automated mid mount Galebreaker VVS system for customer near Middlewich…

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