Multibay Ventilation

Electric rolling system for multiple bays in line, operating from the bottom.


David R Beech is an approved supplier of Galebreaker Ventilation, Weather Protection & Access Solutions. Providing a 10 year guarantee on all its systems, Galebreaker is a leading supplier with years of experience in developing solutions for natural ventilation and protection of agricultural buildings. Galebreaker provides high quality environmental weather screen systems which deliver ideal housing conditions for healthy, productive livestock.

Door Systems
Galebreaker provide a wide range of door systems both manual or electric for horizontal or vertical opening requirements. Sizes range from 2.5m to 20m wide, heights from 2.1m to 10m.

Clip on Systems
The quick effective way to ventilate your buildings! The ready to install panels use ratchets and hooks for fast installation.

Ventilation Control Systems
Systems specifically designed to control airflow to optimise ventilation to livestock welfare. Manual or fully automated control systems are available.


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