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A cow drinks a lot of water; after all, milk for example is 88% water and the manure also consists largely of water. 120 litres of water per day is a reasonable average. A cow also drinks quickly; all those litres are stored inside. Especially after milking, the animals are thirsty.

Sufficient water must therefore be available in the barn, with a fast supply. Preferably 40 liters of water per minute!

With stock drinking troughs and or fast drinkers ( individual drinking troughs ) a good water supply can be created. A stock drinking trough is ideally suited to let many cows drink in a short time. As a rule of thumb, there is a 7 cm storage tank container length per cow and 20 animals per quick drinker.

It is important that the drinking water is clean; the drinking troughs must therefore be easily cleanable. To prevent freezing, a heating element can be used, if necessary with a round pump system.

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