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In order to be able to give a lot of milk, a cow has to absorb a lot of (unrestricted) roughage. A cow will therefore go to the feed once or 10 times a day and she could just stand at the feed fence for 6 – 30 kilograms for 6 hours. This varies depending on the production goal, the quality of the roughage and the feeding system.

So, it happens at the feeding fence: access to the roughage. The feeding place width matching the modern cow has grown to 70 cm, sometimes as much as 75 centimeters per place. The cow should not experience pressure spots or sharp parts, and eartags should not tear out.

It is about the quality of the feed fences!

A feeding fence is an important tool in dealing with the livestock; secure and release, in groups or individually. This must be done safely and simply with as little force and as few actions as possible. The fastening must be reliable and if desired, cows must be able to secure themselves.

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