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Manure Disposal

Manure in the stable; we prefer not to worry about it. That is why products are needed that fit into the housing system, which are easy to operate and require as little maintenance as possible.

Spinder ‘s manure removal systems have been developed on the basis of concrete conditions (of the farmer) and preferences (of the cow).

Clean floors and grids lead to less work, both in house cleaning and milking, and that less litter is needed. The cow prefers to run dry than through the manure; a clean manure passage reduces claw problems and prevents bacterial spots and health problems.

Spinder has been supplying a rope-drawn manure scraping system for years ; pulled rope because rope works handy, is easy to maintain and doesn’t bother the the cows. Comfort for farmer and cow.

Slurry must remain homogeneous, only then the cellars are easy to empty and driving out is convenient. So the manure must be mixed regularly; with a tractor mixer or with an electric mixer. Spinder supplies a wide range for this.

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