Cow Brush Easycleaner


Cows likes to be elaborately brushed and massaged. The animals feel great about this and for that reason they often make use of the cow brush.

It removes lice, mites and other parasites from the skin. It reduces – or even prevents – the risk of eczema or infestation to the skin from fungi.

Thanks to the large brush surface and the massage, the skin gets better blood circulation and the animal’s metabolism is stimulated. Milk production will increase, and oestrus will improve.



Oblique round brush ∅ 80 cm. The large brush surface and the rotating brush movement are to ensure steady massage of the head, back and large parts of the flanks.

The oblique brush position suits large and small animals alike. There is no need for any height adjustments. The compact construction allows installation in confined spaces.

- optimal cleaning of the back, chest and flanks
- large massaging area
- stimulates metabolism


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