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Cow comfort and thus a longer productive life have to be on a higher level, the flexible ‘Fitbox’ from Spinder fulfills this. If a cow touches the cubicle divider when standing up or lying down, the cubicle divider springs up and pushes back; not annoyingly or taxing, but pleasant.

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The narrow profile of the cubicle divider makes the space optimally utilized; more room for the cow. At the same time, this narrow profile gives the farmer also a better overview of his barn, as there is less material in view. Being fit is important; even for a cow. The farmer who is looking for just
that little bit more comfort for his animals is going to discover the "Fitbox" and thus improve the productive lifespan of the herd.

The product: The 'Fitbox' is a combination of glassfiber rods (solid 33 mm), a steel connecting part and steel clamps. To be applied on
various cubicle deck sizes. For modern livestock Spinder recommends a cubicle width of 120 cm; due to the narrow profile of the 'Fitbox', 115 cm can also be a suitable cubicle width. The 'Fitbox' can be used with any type of cubicle covering and the dimensions can be adapted to almost all situations because the glassfiber rods can be shortened.

Waved neck bar: The 'Fitbox' can be equipped just like any other cubicle with a waved neck bar. A waved neck bar directs a cow straight into the
stall and ensures straight lying cows.

Important features:

  • Cow-friendly, moves with the cow;
  • No conduction/stray current;
  • Fewer pressure points; fewer ''dawdling'' cows;
  • More space for the cow due to narrower cubicle dividers;
  • Extremely strong, always springs back;
  • No plastic, proven quality in practive;
  • Can be equipped with a waved neck bar;
  • Can be applied to any type of box covering;
  • Can be used in almost all situations by shortening glassfiber rods;
  • PE125 retaining knee rail ensures proper lying position.

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